Minibus transfers to Ko Chang from the Koh Samed pier in Ban Phe

Siam Resorts Minibuses is one of the very few minibus companies that will actually take you all the way to where you want to go: your resort or hotel on Koh Chang itself. Most other Ban Phe to Koh Chang services can't be bothered with actually taking you onto the island and will thus drop you off at the waiting room in the ferry port, from where it's still a long walk over cindering hot cement to the ferries; a difficult climb up the steep stairs while juggling your luggage and possibly children; a potentially very hot crossing to Koh Chang; the climb down; avoiding exiting cars, trucks and motorcycles, while rushing over more hot cement to try to get a seat in the half open converted pick up trucks that will eventually drop you off in your resort on Koh Chang, but not before servicing every other drop off point before your destination. These "Song Theaw" won't leave until there are enough passengers to make the ride economically viable either, so expect to wait an extra 45 minutes in quite seasons and be prepared to be seated like sardines in can during the busy season, or possibly even stand / hang on the back of one of these shared buses. Traveling with the properly air-conditioned Siam Resorts Minibuses Minibus will ensure that you arrive fresh and relaxed at your destination, ready to be out on the beach within 15-30 minutes after landing on Ko Chang, without leaving the car even once, if you prefer.

Average distance from Ban Phe to Koh Chang: 120 Km

Estimated travel time: 3 hours

Ferry crossing to island: Yes (ferry crossing < 45 minutes, ferries dept. every 30-45 minutes)

Ferry Tickets included with rate: Minibus: 4, Sedan: 2

Recommended places to stay: Siam Beach Resort Koh Chang & Siam Bay Resort Ko Chang

Possible stops with sights along the way:

Type of vehicle: Toyota Commuter D4D minibus or Toyota Camry / Altis sedan

Number of passengers: Minibus: 7, Sedan: 2

Luggage space: Minibus: 7 suitcases + 7 overnight bags, Sedan: 2 suitcases + 3 overnight bags

Rate: Minibus: 3500 baht, Sedan: 3200 baht

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